Party Tips

starThe Great Hootini has performed for thousands of children’s parties, and throughout the years he’s learned some great tips when planning your event…

starUnless your party location is at home, make sure I’m available before you book your venue. Village and Church halls are usually reasonably priced to hire, and along with Scout / Guide Huts and Community Centres they usually offer the use of a kitchen, toilets and a car park.

starSend out invitations asap to avoid overlap from other parties or weekend events. See my free party invites link.

starIf you have a balance due on the party date, please arrange to pay upon my arrival. This frees you to hand out party bags and chat with parents at the end of the party.

starFor birthday parties I’ve found children respond best when food is served after the magic show.

starPhotographs can be taken throughout the course of the magic show. However, video recording the magic show is not allowed, but you can film the birthday child routine if you’d like.

starGiving each child a name sticker when they arrive is a great idea, particularly if you don’t know every child. It’s also a good idea to get a contact number from parents going away during the party.

starChildren aged 3 and under will need supervising to avoid any accidents happening or disruption to the activities.

starNormal balloons are best put on the wall or given out at the end. If you leave them on the floor someone will take great delight in bursting them, which can be very loud and distressing to some children.

starIf you want me to do pass the parcel (only recommended for the younger ones) please don’t use 27 layers! An ideal number is 8 layers.

starChildren tend to go to bed later on the weekends, so try to avoid beginning your party too early. For morning parties, 11am is a good start time.

starParents are welcome to stay and watch! With parties for younger children, I may even ask for a bit of assistance (don’t worry – I’ll tell you what to do).

starIf you are unsure about anything or have any questions, please call me. My aim is to make your party as stress free as possible.

Relax and enjoy the party!